WhatsApp Introduces New Feature to Clear Unread Messages: Here’s How to Enable It

Do you also get a lot of messages on WhatsApp? Do you join a lot of groups? When you open WhatsApp, a pile of messages is waiting for you? Sometimes you also get irritated by this? But you will be tension free. It seems as if WhatsApp understands our problems. That’s why WhatsApp is coming up with a solution to this.

In the coming weeks, the WhatsApp operating company may allow its users to manage notifications for new messages. WA Info says, “This update was discovered in WhatsApp beta for Android version available on the Google Play Store.”

WhatsApp chat filter

Using the features, WhatsApp users will be able to manage their incoming messages more effectively, as you will be able to reset the notification count every time you open the app. Due to this there will be no mistake in counting unread messages.

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WA Beta Info Says, “the new feature will allow users to toggle an option to clear unread message counts. Therefore, every time you open WhatsApp, existing unread message notifications will be reset to zero reducing the visual clutter of unread messages.”

This feature will be more helpful for those who receive a lot of messages on WhatsApp, mostly from active group chats. Using this feature users can give preferences to new messages. Earlier this month, WhatsApp rolled out a chat filter option that helped WhatsApp users manage their conversations, but chats are now divided into “All”, “Unread”, and “Groups”.

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