WhatsApp Locked Chat Feature – Increase WhatsApp Chat Security

Are you also one of the WhatsApp users? Are you also worried about the privacy of your WhatsApp calling? Then this article is for you. The company that operates WhatsApp is going to introduce new security features for its users, which will give you more control over everyone’s chats. The locked chat feature is currently being tested by beta Android users. The Locked Chat feature will create an extra layer of protection for your most sensitive conversations.

The locked chat feature was spotted by WABetaInfo. The main purpose of Locked Chat is to make the conversations of all WhatsApp users more protective. And “This is to ensure that confidential chats are secure even on connected devices.” WhatsApp appears to have entered the beta phase of the feature for some users. It is available for wider rollout in the coming weeks thanks to the WhatsApp beta update. The thing to note here is that WhatsApp will provide the ability to block chats from the connected device.

Locked Chat Feature

What is the locked chat feature?

As you all know, earlier WhatsApp used to provide fingerprint or password facility on the entire app. Because of which any person can unlock your phone but cannot unlock your WhatsApp. The Block Chat feature is a step ahead.

Locked Chat is a new feature in your WhatsApp, which allows you to block or lock any of your personal chats. With which you can set a separate lock or password on any single chat. This new Block Chat feature allows anyone to unlock your phone or WhatsApp but will require a PIN or fingerprint/facial recognition to unlock your specific chat. Due to which that person will not be able to see your chat.

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What is the availability of locked chat feature?

Currently, the locked chat feature is only available to a limited number of Android beta testers using WhatsApp version But you will be tension free, it is expected that in the coming weeks there will be a wide rollout of locked chat for all Android and iPhone users.

The locked chat feature reflects WhatsApp’s commitment to the privacy of its users. WhatsApp users can now enjoy a more secure messaging experience with tighter control over chat security.

What are the advantages of locked chats on WhatsApp?

There are many benefits of block chat on WhatsApp, which you can read in detail below.

More protective privacy:- The locked chat feature is very beneficial for situations when you are leaving your phone with someone but want to keep your personal chats hidden.

Peace of mind:- The Lock Chat feature provides an additional layer of privacy, giving WhatsApp users peace of mind that their specific conversations are secure.

Ban on fake messages:- There are many wrong people who send fake messages to anyone from anyone’s phone. Block chat prevents fake messages, before sending the message the person will need PIN/password due to which the chat lock cannot be opened and embarrassing moments can be avoided by locking the chat.

WABetaInfo says:- “We believe that implementing this feature on connected devices will further improve user privacy and convenience. WhatsApp offers a high level of privacy by allowing users to separate their protected conversations from their chat list. and reduces the risk of accidental disclosure.”

“In addition, locked chats are continuously synchronized across all devices by setting a secret code. With the introduction of locked chat support for connected devices, users can be confident that their confidential conversations will always remain hidden from prying eyes across all their mobile devices. ” he adds.

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